Online systems

Cloud accounting is revolutionising the way businesses do business. Designed to be intuitive and easy to use, it is a straightforward and increasingly essential way to manage your business.

Simply put, 'cloud' computing is the offering of applications and services over the internet, on demand anywhere anytime as if it were installed locally.

The leading 'cloud' accounting product is 'Xero' and is used extensively at Johnsons. Not only does 'Xero' provide a complete financial solution for your business, there are also many specialist add-on applications that have been developed to integrate seamlessly with 'Xero'. These can be subscribed to as required, to suit your specific business model and end-to-end work processes.

'Xero' will provide you with an online reporting portal that gives you a clear and concise view of your business wherever and whenever you need it. It allows you to drill into whatever level of detail you require

These systems are designed to suit most service companies with turnovers of up to £500,000. Cost per user is £9-£25/month (ex VAT) plus our fee for customisation and support.

This online approach represents the future of business systems, presenting more efficient ways to improve your financial management through providing information in clear and easily accessible formats to enable you to bring greater insight to the understanding of your business.

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