Tax Investigations, Penalties and Appeals

Although it is public knowledge that HM Revenue and Customs is continuing to reduce its workforce, the increased investment in technology is not just about processing tax returns but to enable statistical analysis of tax payers’ affairs so that a more focussed approach can be taken to the enforcement of tax legislation. Increasingly other public bodies (eg land registry) are working with HM Revenue and Customs to identify potential breaches of legislation.

HM Revenue and Customs launch focused investigations and if you are unfortunate enough to be selected then you need to act carefully. The tables are turned and the taxman often knows more about your affairs than you know. The taxman has a duty to UK plc to seek the most favourable outcome to them. Although the tax code places HM Revenue and Customs with certain obligations it is sometimes not clear that these are being adhered to fully. How a tax payer handles a tax inquiry is a delicate matter fraught with risk and hefty penalties and time is not on the taxpayer’s side either.

At Johnsons we have lots of experience of dealing with tax inquiries, penalties and even criminal tax matters. Each case is unique but it is important that your advisors are experienced in dealing with this branch of HM Revenue and Customs.

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