Probate & Estate Planning

Johnsons is flexible in how it manages the affairs of the deceased. This may be via our full service or a more restricted role where family and other loved ones play an important role and fees are lower. As our services sits alongside our tax services we are able to provide crucial tax services at the same time and not as a separate additional service. Such an approach adds value were a pure legal approach cannot. There is often much which can be done to reduce IHT liabilities.

The death of a loved one is a sensitive matter. Johnsons appreciates that dealing with the deceased personal affairs can be emotional and challenging and we are empathetic and supportive in how we conduct our work.

Probate is by and large a process and process is something accountants are very familiar with. Add on the tax capabilities and Johnsons is ideal to assist people with their probate needs.”

Estate Planning

Estate planning takes many guises. Some are interested in minimising inheritance tax, others generating income in retirement and some are looking for protecting against the risks of old age. All these require a different set of professional skills. Johnsons is fortunate that it can do all these services in house. Johnsons Pensions and Investments is able to advise on the most appropriate investment solution and Johnsons Tax Consulting is able to advise on minimising tax costs. As these services are provided by colleagues located in the same office, this is a seamless service to clients who get the best of both worlds without paying extra through a different set of advisors.”

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