At the core of any financial understanding is the need to know where money has come from and where it is going. In some business elements of that is fairly easy in others less so. Bookkeeping is the art of recording and categorising such income and costs in a way which efficiently allows you to know how well or badly your business is performing at any given time. Poor bookkeeping tends to result in additional running costs. Good bookkeeping requires the necessary time and attention to detail which many business do not have. Outsourcing the bookkeeping is therefore a viable consideration, particularly when it frees up business owners and staff to focus on growing revenue and improving profits.

At Johnsons we do not believe one size fits all. Why would a large property business use the same bookkeeping business as an online retailer or service provider have the same bookkeeping requirements as a manufacturer. Johnsons prides itself on providing solutions which work for you. This means we will understand your current requirements as well as have an eye for how the business will evolve. This will lead a bookkeeping solution which works for you.

Although Johnsons is bookkeeping platform ignostic, there are a number of software platforms with which we are more familiar which fall into 3 categories largely driven by the size and resulting complexity of the business.


Johnsons also advises on system design which is just as important as system selection and where appropriate Johnsons will provide you with an outsourced bookkeeping service.

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